About Nancy

My experiences on “wheels” began at an early age, as did the encouragement to follow my dreams. Shortly after this photo was taken (around 1948), my mother wrote a letter to me in which she said that some might tell me that being a woman would handicap me in the business or professional world, but not to listen, “for this is not true”. Coming from a woman who had a career before she had a family, it is easy to see the origins of my drive to experience life.

Born and raised in Metter, GA, I was an educator for 34+ years, from teacher to assistant principal to assistant superintendent, before retiring in May 2002. From that time until February 28, 2007, I worked for the Georgia Department of Education, helping school systems manage their No Child Left Behind funds.  Since that time, I have looked for experiences of a different sort.

In 1986, when my son, Matt, was 16, we decided to try the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (BRAG). As Matt said after that ride, “Mom, we have stories to talk about for the rest of our lives.” Since that first BRAG, I have experienced it with several family members and friends, including my daughter Wendy and nephew, Howard. My sister Polly has joined us for the past 15+ years as a SAG driver. In 2007 I completed a ride from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL on WT Cross Country Southern Tier.  The incomplete journal of that trip is on this website.  Two years later I joined the WT Northwest Loop.   As for BRAG, this year’s ride marked my 27th consecutive year. I have done rides in Florida, New York City, Costa Rica, Washington’s San Juan Islands and other regional rides. So cycling is a part of who I am.

Please drop me a note in my guest book.  Hearing from friends and family keeps me grounded.

I really do look forward to hearing from you,


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