Welcome! This is like a post card in reverse.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Matt says:

    Hi mom! Post lots of pictures for us!

  2. Mariann and Seage says:

    go Nancy go
    Love Seage and Railyn

  3. Polly says:

    May the wind be always at your back.
    Most of all have a geat time.
    I love and admine you.

  4. Mary Ellen says:

    Nancy, this is wonderful! I’m very proud of you. I met a lady at a convention last year who had done something similar and she had a great time. Congratulations! Did not thoroughly examine your route. Are you coming through Texas?

  5. Steve Dwyer says:

    Nancy I am envious and wish I could join you. Have a great trip, and I’ll be following your journey closely. Looking forward to seeing you in June. I bet your legs are going to look like Lance’s!

  6. Paul says:

    Nancy, What a wonderful adventure! Shall I mail you some wine? Paul

  7. Marshal says:

    I have the site all set and will follow you daily. There is a big party waiting on your return!

  8. Doris & Kelton says:

    Life has its UPS and DOWNS – on this particular trip may you enjoy the DOWNS (hills, that is!) Go, Nancy G0!
    May you be safe,
    Doris & Kelton

  9. Eleanor says:

    Nancy, I’d be riding with you if I could quit my job! I’m so proud of you for tackling the mountains, weather, fatigue, and sores to enjoy the exhiliration of pushing yourself beyond normal limits. Remember what the guy on Brag told us when we asked how he trained for the mountains, “I avoid them! If you must cross a peak, look down at your pedals: the road always looks flat beneath them.”

  10. Julie Hall says:

    Nancy, Wow! How I admire you. You are an inspiration to us all. But those Metter Magnolias have a way of going the extra mile. But you are the TOP Magnolia that will be going many extra miles!! Remember that all the Magnolias are behind you 100%. As you pedal your way across this beautiful country, remember Everything is Better in Metter. So don’t fall for any of those towns or cities along the way. WE WANT YOU HOME. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU! PLEASE BE SAFE AND GOD BE WITH YOU ON THIS EXCITING AND CHALLENGING JOURNEY. Love, Julie

  11. Gloria Colley says:


    Have a great ride and be safe! I look forward to pictures.

  12. Gloria Colley says:


    Have a great, safe ride! I look forward to pictures.

  13. Rhonda says:


    We’re with you in spirit. Think of us when you need a push up that hill.

    Happy trails,

  14. Marijo Pitts-Sheffield says:

    Go Nancy Go!!
    The website is fabulous! Great job, Matt!!
    Have a wonderful ride and be safe!! I will follow you closely and can’t wait to seeing pictures.
    I look forward to getting together on the “bluff “when you return!!
    You are a great friend!!

  15. Mary White says:

    Nancy- you are such an inspiration. Enjoy yourself and bring home lots of pictures and stories. We will look at your schedule and try to meet up with you somewhere in AL or N. Fl for a visit.
    By the time you get there a 50 mile day will seem like nothing.

  16. Kitty says:


    I didn’t know you were doing this but I’m very excited for you. Eleanor sent me the information. Your trip brings back a lot of memories. Take it one day at a time, one hour at a time, one mile at a time, and one “fanny fluff” at a time. You can do it …the mountains also! Good luck, enjoy every minute and appreciate all the beautiful scenery.


  17. Will Fell says:

    I envy you. Have a great time. Now I know where I will get our next club program 😉

    Keep us informed….WF

  18. Jack Mc says:

    Nancy, Met with Erma J today (EmCoSch) over $60,000 (3 years)in T1 monies went to Ray. Will notify Clara. Have a great time.


  19. Incredible task ahead. As always …you are an inspiration to me. I will track your progress and maybe drop you a few tidbits along the way. Keep it between the ditches, watch for small furry things darting across the road and take some time to look up from that striped line and see our beautiful country.
    Go for it!!!

  20. Cathy Buescher says:

    Your website is great but not as great as I am sure this adventure will be for you! I hope you are enjoying good cycling weather and having a blast with all of your new cycle friends. Stay safe and have a great time. I am so inspired by your sense of adventure and your courageous spirit!

  21. Charlotte says:

    We are so excited for you! You do us proud! The article in the Metter paper was great! Thank you for earning $ for the children. Love and prayers!

  22. Howard says:

    We need our organizer back! Mama and I have debated for two days on the date that you will roll in to St. Augustine. We are trying to reserve rooms for the day before you get there and the day of your arrival. There is some irregularity in the dates that we have. Please straighten us out, again. What day are you riding into St Augustine?

  23. Mariann says:

    Hey Aunt Nancy I hope you have a wonderful trip. I am very proud of you. GO NANCY GO!!!!!!

  24. POLLY says:

    Good morning!
    Today is the day you have been waiting for. GOD SPEED. Maybe not so fast downhill. I know you will have a wonderful time. Bell and I actually waked two miles today in your honor.She wanted to chase squirrels.Everything is fine on the homefront. Love you

  25. david and alison hudson says:

    Hey Nancy, Although we are in FL now(Mar 9) we are planning on being back in NM before you reach Silver City and will try to connect with you there. Let me know where you are staying so we can meet up and let me know if we can bring you anything! Love, Your third cousin once removed David

  26. Yvonne says:

    Nancy, good morning, today is THE DAY, Happy Trailing. Billy and I wish you a very happy and safe bike ride. I want you to know I did walk my mile this morning for you ,the magnolia pledge, wearing my (GO NANCY GO shirt) Love the web site, good job Matt.

  27. Good Morning, thought about you yesterday and Martyn and I did a good walk for you! Have alot of fun and we look forward to seeing you in Florida.

  28. Mike Bowen says:

    Hey Nance, what’s the big deal? I could ride my electric scooter ten miles in one or two days provided it was down hill all the way. Katie and I will be riding with you.

  29. Marshal says:

    Past alpine and headed east. Looks like mountains ahead! Hope day one has been a breeze. You will be glad to see a Georgia Pine.

  30. Lynda DeLancey says:

    I am so in awe of what you are doing. I will check in from time to time on the Web site, so know that I am thinking of you and wishing you the best. You have such drive, that I have no doubt that you will make it with no problems.


  31. janice says:


    Just want you to know that Matthew, Steve, and I are thinking about you. Go, girl, go!!!! Soak up the memories. We are proud of you and always hope the road ahead is beautiful!!Janice

  32. wendy norton says:

    You’re like the forest gump of bicycling!!!
    I’ve been talking about your endeavor to lots of people. I just think its an amazing thing you are doing and wish I could do it with you..well…maybe just the flat parts. My thoughts are with you and hope you have a safe and wonderful journey. Can’t wait to see some more pictures!

  33. Christina McDermott says:

    Hi Nancy,
    Wow! You have gone some miles already! I see that I have picked a day when you will have a rest tomorrow. I just got back from monitoring with Evelyn and Janice. We are about half way through. I know yuo are not missing that right now!
    We just keep on trucking along…as you are!
    Hope you are having some great weather and enjoying getting to know your new friends.
    Have fun and a glass of wine tonight?!?

  34. Marshal says:

    Brawley to Blythe 89 miles downhill I hope! Day three and four should be among the most difficult. Sore muscles and tired mind. Keep going, your body and mind will adjust as the days go on. Plus, the desert is fairly flat. GPS thinks you are still in Alpine. Maybe you are, sleeping in.

  35. POLLY says:



    We love you and are so proud of you.

  37. Andrea says:

    This is so exciting. It is wonderful to read about your adventures. Keep us posted and take care of yourself.

  38. Jack cheatham says:

    Nancy you crazy woman… I did 20 miles this afternoon and am now in bed eating wheat thins/ cheese and drinking wine. It looks like I will miss BRAG this year, I have been offered a week of teaching teachers at the Governors School of the Arts, in Greenville SC.
    Good luck and may all the wind be at your back


  39. Marshal says:

    I guess “stuck in Lodi” has a new meaning for you now. Even CA has its desert outposts. Maybe Palm Springs is the lunch stop tomorrow.

  40. Jean Chan says:

    What awesome experience to be able to ride a bike this distance. You are an inspiration to all of your friends back home in Metter.
    ps Vincent, is finishing your cabinet glass today it is beautiful.
    Go Nancy Go
    Love Jean and Vincent

  41. Jack Mc says:

    Nancy, Thought of you today when we saw the weather channel. Hope the rain stays away from your tour. How are things? Going well I hope. Thinking of you.


  42. Susan AKman says:

    Nancy, Have been following you with great interest. The magnolias are all trying to exercise. I rode 4 + miles yesterday!

    I am so excited for you. When you hit NM try eating at LaPosta
    and in elPaso they may still have the sister restaurant-Edgars.
    Of course both of these owners are my mother’s ages so I assume someone else has taken over!

    You have our support and best wishes.


  43. janice says:

    Nancy and Bill,

    Thinking about you!!! Hope all is well!!!! Really enjoyed the “send-off” celebration!!! Janice

  44. trina and andy says:

    Wow Nancy, We are so excited to see your progress. We think of you every day and hope you are doing great. Andy is doing fine and glad to be home. Happy riding to you from the North Carolina mountains. Love, Andy and Trina

  45. Cathy Buescher says:

    I love all of the pictures! Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself. Be careful riding on those Interstates–you know how Marijo and I would rather drive Piedmont than the interstate so you know we think you are really brave for being out there on a bike!! Take care. Thinking of you.

  46. Charles says:

    Your trip sounds wonderful. The pictures are beautiful and interesting. Keep rolling! Charles

  47. Susan AKman says:

    I e mailed the magnolias your news and comments. The hotel ?
    did look like it was interesting.

    We had snow and ice here so I’m glad you are riding further south. I know the heat must be a killer there.

    Your journal is so interesting. I feel like we are all sharing in a great adventure!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  48. Gay Martin says:

    How proud I am of my sister Magnolia. You have influenced me to walk more everyday & I am even in an ABS ATTACK class! I hope we are all in better shape when we see you in St. Augustine on May 3rd. Where will your group be staying? We would like to get a room nearby because I am sure all the families will fill up your hotel. I hope you are doing well & getting stronger everyday. We love following your trip. Remember your sister Magnolias are very proud of you!

  49. Jan Trapnell says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t know about this sooner. We could have made a date to see you off in San Diego. What an undertaking! Onward and upward, or maybe downward would be better.

  50. Lynda Holloway English says:

    Nancy, you are an inspiration to this Metter High Class of 64er. Keep on keeping on and enjoy the journey.

  51. Vicki Lane says:

    I never did figure out the way to make all that writing fit on that small card. Maybe you could ask your computer whiz!! Hope all is well and that all the “spinnng” you did before disembarking on this awesome adventure is paying off. Take care and I will eagerly await reading your journal each day.
    Happy Trails,

  52. Lydia says:

    Hey there!

    I have been out of pocket for the past 4 days as I was in Hinesville with Michael getting the restaurant ready to open. It has been an adventure – – – with a completely new crew it seemed an exercise in confusion. After two days of training things seem to be shaping up a bit. I did my bit with decorating and landscaping and I am now back in “the city”. Michael is going to have to take it from here as I have duties at ESC.

    I have loved your reports – what a trip! And I agree with Polly – – not so fast down hill!

    I heard from Chris a day or so ago and our boys had a get together – things seem to be going well for that generation in the western state.

    I have your route on the refrigerator and check it each day now that I am back in the ATL.

    Stay safe and ENJOY!


  53. Jimmy & Debbie Towson says:


    Doris & Kelton, Pernal & Cathy, Debbie & I just viewed your latest pictures & stories! Wow! What a wonderful experience. We are jealous and wish we were with you (almost wish)!

    Your life lessons are God-moments and very inspirational.


    Jimmy Towson

  54. NancySaw your email site in Metter paper and had to say hello to you. I too am a Metter Native having grown up there tillI was 10.
    Lived on Kennedy street = In my g -fathers house. Believe the sikes live there now. I knew Nita Belle and Howard Do not know many there anymoreand Carolyn Bland was a year older than I Will continue to follow you on this trip and maybe when My G- daughter takes me to Metter in May I can meet you.Jennie Brannen Hall

  55. Leon Curry says:

    Well, I have not yet figured how to get YOUR messages or pictures, but I can write my good wishes here. That is a start.
    Good to talk to you just now…eating gourmet meals, etc sounds pretty fascinating for a bicycle tour person! Good luck and carry on….we are cheering for you. Leon and Helen

  56. Leon Curry says:

    P.S. I found it! at the top of this blog I clicked on title and found it……good pictures, also…Leon

  57. It’s great watching your progress. That is my part of the world. New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. You will actually be riding on roads that I have ridden my bicycles on many many moons ago. Silver City was my gateway into the Gila Wilderness. As you approach the Rio Grande look around and imagine tearing up all those mountains on a off road motorcycle. Be sure to eat at La Posta when you stay in La Mesilla. Anthony Gap was always a big favorite of my youth bike riding. When you pull into EL Paso you will see Trans Mountain road. THat is where I lived. Keep those pedals pumping and don’t even think about riding in that van. It is mostly down hill from where you are.

  58. Rhonda says:

    I love reading about your adventures and seeing the pictures. I think your next endeavor (after your well-earned rest) should be an inspirational book. You’re taking great notes every day.

    We love you! Rhonda

  59. Marshal says:

    10:30 AM thurs just talked to Nancy on cell phone. enjoying a rest day, great trip, missing her computer (and Bill) all good so far, raining today glad for the day off hope she is taking good notes so she can write a book

  60. Cousin Nancy Turner says:

    Evening of March 22, 2007 I have enjoyed reading your journal and seeing the great pictures as you go along !! I check it out every few days to see what is new out there on the trail. It sounds like a great travel group !

  61. Ah Hillsboro New Mexico. Definately the road less traveled. Home of a wonderful apple festival later in the year. Caballo lake will be appearing on the horizon as you are in for a nice flat ride in the upper Rio Grande Valley. Hatch was always a favorite stop of mine for a bag of Chiles. Too bad they are not in season. Mexican food should be on the cuisine only for the next week or so. BTW for the next 1000 miles…. Don’t order the fish.
    Are you counting the flat tires? You are entering sticker country. Nasty things that give you immediate flats. Keep it on the asphalt.

  62. Brenda Bradley says:

    There are no words to describe how proud I am for you! I look forward to your daily travels and am planing on being there in the end when you roll in!

  63. I am checking the map trying to figure out how you are going to cross the Franklin Mountains. I used to spend 1/2 a day climbing Trans Mountain road out of Canutillo to come out in North East El Paso (at extremely high speed.) If you go that way you will cross my old street. Colette Street. The 2nd house in. The place used to be all desert but it has been built up quite a bit. La Paloma, Great American Land and Cattle Company, Carlos and Mickeys and Linda’s Jet are some of the best eats in the city. Look up my sister Tammy if you need anything.

  64. Marshal says:

    Deming to Las Cruses, I made that trip in 1970–driving a 1964 Opal station wagon that starting missing and did so all the way to El Paso! Can’t imagine doing it on a bike. Take care of you.

    Metter is beautiful today. Next wwekend will be perfect for the Blooming Festival. Called Bill to join us for supper tonight

  65. Susan AKman says:

    Nancy, I am enjoying the wonderful news and pictures. I do hope you were able to eat at LaPosta. Mesilla was where mother grew up and she still have family friends in this little village. My e mail has been down so I couldn’t chat when you were actually in Las Cruces. Enjoy and we are all with you!


  66. Jerry says:

    Nancy, Miss Polly gave me your web site. You Go Girl Go! I am so proud of you. We’ll be following your route closely. I’m going to post your web site in the BRAG newsletter for April. Expect lots of hits.

  67. Matthew Waters says:

    By now I’m getting tired just watching your map cross the country. Keep up the good work. Try to think of an adventure for some of with more sedate habits than you.

  68. Lydia says:

    Hey gal!

    I went to bed thinking about you last night! You are too cool and I envy you this wonderful adventure. I think I could do it if they would let me take a Harley – – –

    Not too much news here. Atlanta has “sprung” – everything is in bloom and it’s beautiful – but pollen is everywhere.

    Michel and I are going to see the Celtic Women tonight at the Fox. I have enjoyed their CDs so much. It should be fun.

    Melanie’s wedding is this week end so we are gearing up for that event. We will be attending the rehearsal dinner at the Ansley Country Club on Friday night and the wedding is Saturday at 11 AM.

    Michael has been swamped with the restaurant opening. The business has been grand, but with a new crew – that is a real challenge. As he says, “they are painful to watch”. Nothing but time and continued training will help that and it will come.

    Take care and be safe!

  69. Christina McDermott says:

    Oh, Nancy! I am just tired reading your messages! I know that the views are definitely an inspiration, though. I love the one where you sat an waited about 45 minutes and went on and made it. Good for you! The Lone Star State is next and I know you will fall in love with it like I did.
    You know, I think I’ll do this when I retire. Then I won’t feel so guilty about lieing around sleeping and being lazy. I think you’ve earned it girl! Although I know that once you recover, you will looking for the next adventure.
    Miss you! Be safe.

  70. Doris & Kelton says:

    Go, Nancy,Go!
    We are enjoying keeping up with you. I check every day or so and call Kelton in to show him the pics and read him your notes – IF I were not the “thoughtful wife” that I am, he’d not know a thing about your progress, as he cannot yet turn on a computer!!!!!!!
    Your comments are ‘oh, so interesting’! God’s creation is awesome -enjoy every minute —hope your sore, aching legs, muscles, and ‘rear-end’ minutes are few!

  71. Roadrunners, Tarantulas and the occasional jackelopes are the scenery for the endless up and downs to the thriving metropolis of Van Horn Texas. (Remember to not order the fish, it has been in the freezer a very long long time). Sage brush and cactus are abound as you climb into the Davis Mountains. Hopefully you are star gazing at night at least a little. This is one of the areas that you can literally see forever. Stay away from those stickers. I saw Polly at the Ball Field tonight and all we talked about was you and your journey. Keep those wheels turnin’.

  72. Fort Davis and a day off. This is going to be hard to believe but you are only 40 minutes away from some great Scuba Diving. I hope the sky is clear for some unbelievable star gazing. Majestic peaks, up and down and up down. Alpine and Marathon ….WOW

  73. Susan AKman says:

    Nancy, I think I get more excited about your trip with each picture you post. We are all riding with you in our hearts! I hit the tread mill today and said surely, I can manage 2 miiles!

    Be careful and continue to enjoy the trip.

    Hugs and lots of Enegry vibes!

  74. Railyn and Melissa says:

    Thank you Aunt Nancy for the post cards you have sent us! In all your endeavours, you still have time to think of us! We do miss you. Railyn and I have already planned when you get back, we are having a girls night in the “hot pool”! We love you dearly!

    The Porters

  75. Ah… Del Rio. Quite a long haul coming up. Time to break out the bug spray. Maybe a bandana over the mouth. It sure is fun watching you travel the highways and byways of Texas. Muy Peligro on this next strech. Bandito’s, Keep your eyes open and it might be OK to order the fish at Lake Amistead.

  76. Susan AKman says:

    Nancy, today is your long ride and I’m thinking of you!!! Hang in there. Your journal is terrific and I keep watching your eyebrowns turn golden from the sun! You look fit!

    We’ll all be ashamed to be seen with you.

    Washington Magnolia

  77. barbara christmas says:

    I finally got to read the journal today. It’s fantastic. I’ve had Elsa for 8 days. It was great, but Grandma is tired. I think of you everyday and am so thrilled that you are having this experience. I will try to call soon.

  78. barbara christmas says:

    I’m going to pick up my new RV tomorrow so that I can meet you somewhere. No, I’m not teasing.

  79. Marijo Pitts-Sheffield says:

    I continue to be amzed at your adventure. Call me when you get a break. I need your advice about “refreshments” for our “Lake” trip next week. mj

  80. Holly Durrence says:

    I just read your journal and loved it! Let me know if you see any chicken houses out there. I really enjoyed the pecan irrigation info. I am so proud of you. I want to be just like you when I’m 62. You go girl!

  81. Dave Vasilatos says:

    We haven’t seen any updates for a few days. Hopefully all is well and it’s just technical difficulties How about that bridge coming in to Lake Amistead? I used to be terrified as a kid crossing it in a car. I can’t imagine the feeling crossing it on a bike. The scenery should be changing from brown to green. You have left the best part of Texas and are working your way up to the next best. The Hill country…. ahhhh…. who ever mapped this trip out was into hills… I am still wondering about how one could actually spend the night in Van Horne. Wild Horse, Plateau, Kent…. I hope you weren’t expecting too much from rhose exits. Keep on peddlin’ You are awesome.

  82. Hannah Tostensen says:


    Barbara sent an e-mail this morning with your travel address. I have just this moment had time to look you up. Didn’t have to read but one entry and I knew instantly you are “my kinda woman!! “I’ll be reading some more tonight and saving little chunks, like a really good book one hates to put down, to read daily until I’ve read it all.

    Hope Bill told you that I left a telephone message a day or so before you departed saying I want to be there when you roll in! I cannot tell you how much I admire you for this feat and how I wish I was slap dab in the middle of it all! Who knows, I just might be on one of your future jaunts. Stay safe and I’ll visit you again.


  83. POLLY says:

    Hey Nancy,
    After talking to you Monday,I felt so proud of you. In spite of what Elon may think,YOU DID IT!!!!Good Job!!You GOT ER DONE.
    Have fun.
    Happy Trails,

  84. Susan AKman says:

    Rah rah rah!!! What a great day to read that you made the 112
    and how pleased you must have been. I thought of you all day and kept my fingers crossed. I have more admiration every day for your and your magnolia spirit.

    You do have to be tired. I had hoped you would have a
    break, but I see you still have several days to go before you
    have a day off.

    Thanks for the great journal entries. They are really interesting.

  85. Sean says:

    Just wanted to see how things are going. Keep up the great work. Do you happen to know where I can find a massage therapist? LOL.

  86. Dave Vasilatos says:

    The Guadelupe river valley. What a great time ahead for you. Some rest, some rivers, some shade and I predict a picture of you at the Home of the Cowboy Artists of America. I met Jimmy Wilcox today at Dr Branch’s office and once again you were the topic of conversation. Keep the pictures and stories coming, we all are living your adventure through your website. The hill country has a beauty of its own, but to really appreciate it you have to take the path that you have taken. The hot barren path through the desert. Now the rivers and lakes will start appearing with more frequency. Keep on Truckin’ Girl.

  87. Paul Tillery says:

    Nancy, I don’t know you but our family and the Lee family were friends. Lehman and I went in the Army together. Of course I knew your Mom Nita Belle and Claudine real well. I also knew your Dad Howard and remember your Granddad John Lee. I’m not at all surprised at your endeavors. Keep it up.

  88. Pat McCollum says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I’ve just been able to sit back and enjoy your pictures! Thanks for the postcard from San Diego. I was in California for a week just after you left and then had foot surgery. I’ll enjoy your journey as I sit and recuperate. I know you’re having a wonderful trip and that you’re a good roommate and fellow traveler. Stay in touch after you get home! Take care

  89. Dave Vasilatos says:

    A day of rest. Sore Back, sore legs, sore feet, sore buns, sun burn, chapped lips, blisters, lovely hair days and when you get up your body wants only to pedal more. I hope you enjoy your day off and keep the task at hand in your thoughts. Do some maintenance…. lots of it. Check every nut and bolt. Fix it today for the hill country lies ahead and for goodness sakes take a shower and do some laundry. Ha ha.

  90. Dave Vasilatos says:

    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face;
    the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
    may God hold you in the palm of His hand

    Everyone click the donate link at the top of the page

  91. Dave Vasilatos says:

    Blanco Texas…..Known for “Having the Warmest Welcome in the Texas Hill Country”. Theres that evil work again…. HILL. Its almost over, just one more week in Texas and its back to the flat country. Cold and wet weather will make for a dreary remebrance of a beautiful place. Hard to believe, but we have a freeze warning here in Georgia tonight…. No Crashing in the rain girl. Is it time to put on some new tires for the bike?…. BTW does the bike have a name yet? Betty… Bob….Sam….. Stella?

  92. Matthew Waters says:

    Nancy, Praying that all is well!!! Thinking of you often. J. Waters

  93. Marshal says:

    Enjoyed talking to you this morning. Today is the Bloomin Festival day. The town is full. Glad you are waiting for the weather to pass.

    John Mize

  94. POLLY says:

    I am at B&M POOLS, watching the people in the park-Blooming Festival. It is really cold,wind blowing, but sunny. Saw Cindy (Lynn Trapnell’s sister). Robert is spending the week-end with Mariann. We are al going to Howard’s tomorrow. I hope you have a happy Easter. Have fun with Bill when he gets there.
    Love You,


    saw Cindy

  95. David M. says:

    Saw the link to your travel journal on the BRAG N writes newsletter. I would love to do a trip like that some day. This year will be my 3rd BRAG, but a Coast to Coast ride is something I can only dream about doing for now. You and you’re team mates are an inspiration. Hope to meet you on BRAG.

  96. Dan Brown says:

    Hi, Nancy! I just got “BRAG N’ Writes” and saw the link to your Travel Journal. I didn’t know you were doing this – you are awesome! Way to go, girl!
    I had pre-registered for today’s Metter ride, but it was SO COLD (upper 30’s) & windy today I just decided to sit this one out, but went to get my T-shirt & see everybody just the same. It was definitely worth the trip, ’cause I ran into Harry Hutson, Andy Miles, and Morgan Miles – Morgan told me Eleanor had, like me, “wimped-out” due to the cold weather. I counted a total of 31 riders – about half the normal participation, but understandable in light of the chilly conditions.
    If not before, I’ll see you on BRAG – I’m videotaping it again this year. Thanks for your kind words about last year’s video – I’m glad you enjoyed it. How’d you like your brief “starring role” at the Mayfield Dairy rest stop?
    Does this mean you’re gonna miss the Sweet Onion Century May 5th?
    Here’s wishing you a wonderful time, little hills and big tailwinds!
    Dan Brown

  97. Susan AKman says:

    Happy Easter, Nancy. We’ve had snow on the blossoms here and it is 32 degrees on Easter morning.

    I took my atlas down last night and went over every stop
    that you were going to be traveling. I had been trying to find you, but couldn’t figure out the exact route. Now I know a little more and can see exactly where you are each day. You know me and my love for maps.

    The hills have to be challenging–althought they look more like mountains than hills to me!! I do hope you’ll have some flat land coming up. You still have some of those 80 plus mile days that I thought were almost over. My measely 2 miles on the tread mill are nothing! I tell myself this every day when I climb
    on and start the walk.

    Take care of yourself and know that we are all thinking of you. I’m pushing those magnolias to “walk”. Of course I don’t know
    how effective I am compared to your inspiration.

  98. POLLY says:

    It is Easter night. I am sorry we missed your call at Howard’s. He cooked lunch for us. We missed you and Bill. Railyn could not come either. Seage did hunt for eggs. I tried to call you tonight.
    Happy Trails,

  99. POLLY says:

    This is for Susan. Click on the hybrid tab on the map at the top of this page. You can follow her on that map by using the itenaty. Good Luck.

  100. Rebecca says:

    Nancy- It was super to meet you yesterday and cheer you on your way to St. Augustine. We want you to know there are folks in Austin, TX rooting for you and your safe and swift arrival in FL!

  101. Dave Vasilatos says:

    Navasota, TX a truely wonderful city. Explosions, Plague, Cholera, yellow fever and finally the KKK. What a historic city. I hope you enjoy your day off and get us up to date on the postings. I am missing hearing from you. It looks like the weather is slightly better…. but not much. Keep doing the maintenance and take care of yourself. Lousiana is not far away.

  102. Tim Norton says:

    Great job Nancy!! We met on Brag a time or two, you always seemed to be passing me. I’m suprised you still plan to do BRAG this year after this trip. I’ve always wanted to do a trip from Alpine TX down to Big Bend National Park. If you get a break, send me an e-mail about what the country is like there. (Day/night temps, traffic, terrain, etc. Thanks and good luck.

  103. Montell Clifton Lanier says:

    Nancy, I have been following your website as you travel across the US. I have enjoyed it immensely. My prayer is that you will continue to have safe travel and I know that God will bless you each mile that you ride! God Luck and God Bless!

    Montell Lanier

  104. Ed Schevey says:

    We also met on a previous BRAG trip. Nancy you go Girl! You are doing the trip I have always dreamed of doing! Keep the posts comming! I hope to meet you on BRAG again! The Ice-Cream will be on me.

  105. creede hinshaw says:

    Congratulations, Nancy! I read about your website in the Metter church bulletin. Wow, am I envious! Your trip journal is great, and the photos so colorful. Bonnie and I are very proud of the example you are setting for us “old folk.” Tomorrow morning when I take my 10 mile bike ride I’ll pedal a little faster as I think of you…and remember you and your new cyclist friends in my prayers.

  106. Erin says:

    WOW! Your photographs are amazing, and your narrative makes me equal parts jealous and grateful that I am not in the middle of an undertaking as grand as yours… Keep on riding! Cheers!

  107. Courtney (from 180 Fitness) says:


    Wow! What an unbelievable experience. You are so inspiring. I would love to someday accomplish the same feat. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  108. Wendell says:

    Wow! I just looked at your photo journal and read most of your comments. What beautiful scenery and what challenging terrain. I am very envious and very proud of you. I think everything is downhill from here on in.

  109. Susan AKman says:

    Nancy, tomorrow is Yvonne’s birthday. I will e mail magnolias to remind them.

    She and I talked today and she said she read the obits first and then your journal!! another good qoute. I also check daily to see what you have been doing. I’m glad you do some riding in the van. I’m amazed peopel could do the 30+ degrees. With wind, etc. that had to be miserable. Take care of yourself.

  110. Early on, after we moved to Metter our family became very good friends with Mr and Mrs. John Lee and their children Nita Belle, Claudine and Lehman. This friendship lasted a lifetime. At one time Mr Lee was in the produce business. He would buy chickens and haul them to Savannah to sell. After selling the chicken she would buy bananas, oranges, apples, grapes and other produce. Mr Lee would haul the produce back to Metter to sell. He sold some to merchant, on Fridays, and Saturdays he sold produce from his truck. Mr Lees truck, was an old Buick touring car with the body removed from the front set back and replaced with a flat bed body with sides. On a few Occasions I would make trips to Savannah with Mr Lee. On one of these trips we had the truck loaded with chickens filled coops. Each coop had perhaps twenty chickens maybe more. The coops were stacked as high as we could get them. When going to Savannah in those days we would go through Statesboro. As we were nearing Statesboro Mr Lee said “we are going to take the short cut through Statesboro”. By doing this we would miss downtown Statesboro. On This short cut driving at a moderate rate of speed we passed under some low hanging utility wires. The wires came in contact with the top layer of chicken coops, dragging several off. As the coops hit the ground some ripped open chickens scattered into a lumber yard near by. We caught most of the chickens shortly because they were dazed and stun. With the remainder we spent the good part of the next two hours chasing, and catching chickens.
    While delivering produce in Metter from store to store Mr Lee would let me drive the truck. I was perhaps fourteen years old at that time. At that age it was a thrill to drive a vehicle and a stimulus to my ego. At that point in time driving a car equates to becoming a man. There were no state driver licenses nor age limits or any other restrictions to operate a vehicle in those days.

  111. Dave Vasilatos says:

    Good Bye Texas, I wish I was there enjoying the state with you.

    Everyone please hit the donate button in the top right of the page. Nancy will be home soon and it would be great for her to meet her goal.

  112. Robert (Bob) Cassedy says:

    Nancy, I just talked to my Nancy and she told me how she had set her computer up to send a message. Anyway it looks as if you and your friends are having a great trip. I used to fly over your route for years. I could only see it from 39,000 feet. I think that you have a better view. You are inspiration for me to get on my Harley and do the trip. Stay safe and keep the rubber side down. Love, Robert

  113. Dave Vasilatos says:

    4 down and 4 to go. It should be relatively flat now. Keep your head up and stay alert. I loved the weekend update. Good bye BBQ… Hello Po Boy sandwiches, Crawdads, and shrimp every way Bubba Gump dreamed of.

    Keep that wheel turning and keep up the maintenance.

    Lets all keep hittin’ that donate button.

  114. Susan AKman says:

    I’m relieved to see today’s entry. I was worried about the storms, etc., but hoped you were south of them. We have had terrible weather here and I didn’t want you in that kind of rain.

    Nancy, when you say you are a stronger rider…you have to be kidding!! You are the only one I know who has attempted anything like this. I feel like a whimp when I think what you have accomplished!!!

    I’m glad you are in a new state.

    Admiration from an MM.

  115. Melissa Porter says:

    I have been sitting here mesmerized by your pictures, narratives, and events you have posted! It is all amazing. I know you are enjoying it all! Howard, Railyn, and I are counting down the days until we meet you in St. Augustine!
    The Porters

  116. Celia D says:

    I finally have had time to check this out. What wonderful experience. Good luck on the remaining journey.

  117. Tom Bigwood says:

    Nancy, Keep on trucking, we love you. If possible, I need to talk with you at some point. I have a couple of requests for the foundation that requires an immediate decision. 912-690-0771. Thanks, Tom

  118. Pegi Boatwright says:


    Doug James sent your blog address to me. As I’ve been reading it, two things come to my mind. First of all, you are having the time of your life on the WomanTours. Second, Royce Smith would have undergone a sex change operation to be able to join you! He always enjoyed riding with you and a cross country trip was one thing he always wanted to do.

    Take care and I can’t wait to see you when you get back.


  119. Lydia says:


    I have been so bad about writing, but I have been reading your accounts faithfully! And enjoying every word!

    I am sitting at Vivace on Capital Hill right now and enjoying a cup of coffee and ,of course, the atmosphere – this place is so Seattle!

    The last two weeks have been a bit of a blur for me. My new job starts May 1 when I take over our TSYS Loyalty Customer Service Department. It is going to be quite a challenge but I am looking forward to it. I have interviewed over 60 folks to select the team, but got it finished last week prior to leaving for Seattle! This will be my last hurrah for a while with my new duties! We will be here till Monday – – –

    I was in Metter on Easter week end. Ken Stanton died and his funeral was Saturday of the Blooming Festival. I saw Marshall at the funeral – we talked about you!

    Tonight we are dining out at Rover’s for Kelley’s birthday and this afternoon (we have sunshine) we are going out touring a bit in Chris new convertible! I do love Seattle – I think I could definitely live here! Think the four of us could get a duplex????

    I am still planning to be there for your arrival. It will probably be a one day trip – but I am determined! I feel I have to be a part of that celebration!

    Oh yes – Julie and I went out to your house after Ken’s funeral to get our “shirts” (Bill told Julie they were on the porch), but we couldn’t find them! I do want to be dressed appropriately in Florida. Julie is going to contact Bill when he gets home.

    Take care of yourself and enjoy these last days – they should be very special as you reach the “south – – – – –


  120. POLLY says:

    Hello from home.
    Just a few of your request. Pam’s address is 458 Hwy. 56N Swainsboro, Ga.30401. Julie says they want you to help with Jana’s party,Aug. 18 That is too much about the Real World.
    Heading out to the V-Club metting,
    Love YOu,

  121. Julie Hall says:

    Hi from Metter,
    I have been bad about writing also. Mainly because I just figured out how to do so. I have been keeping up with you everyday! Our MES students are enjoying keeping up with your travels. But the darn CRCT has interferred. First grade finished today. I thought it was very fair, but all sections too long for first grade children. The math section today had 70 problems!
    The pictures you are posting are fantastic as well as your writings of your experiences. I am so disappointed, but I just can’t be there for your arrival. My personal days have been used and I have a mandatory training to attend on May 2nd. I am going to be lead learner next year and this is one of three that I must attend. Wish I could work it out. I have not completely given up.
    Okay, us Magnolias are a little confused. Somehow Lydia got information that the dipping of the tires in the Atlantic would be on May 2nd. You do not actually arrive until May 3rd. I have talked to Bill tonight and he is going to get it straight with you and call me back. Oh, by the way, we are putting you and Polly down as hostesses for a neat party at Ann’s cabin for Jana Cromartie on Aug. 18th. Is this okay with you? Her wedding is October 20th.
    Nancy, Dad inquires about your trip often. He is so proud of you. He made the comment, I just wish Howard and Nita belle could have lived to see what their wonderful daughters have accomplished! You and Polly are very special to him because he loved your parents so much. We are all pulling for you and praying that all of you will be safe for the duration of your trip. Go, Nancy, Go! I love ya!

  122. POLLY says:

    Just back from Darien.As we walked around the festival, Seage told every it was my birthday and I was 60. Now I return to find you have announced it to the world. The gang at the store had decorated with black and wrote my age on the front door. Your huisband brought me three pieces of Fransican.Pretty colors and nice pieces. Thanks for the motel rooms. That was a special suprise. Met three couples there who had come down in their boat for the weekend.Great day and place to turn 60.
    Happy Trails

  123. Dave Vasilatos says:

    Keep it up girl. Don’t get too comfortable, Stay alert. I am still lovin’ all the posts. I check your friends website when I don’t hear from you just be sure there is no bad news. Keep turning those wrenches. Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance.

    Have you thought about how you are going to stop?

    What will you do each day when your legs start going…. going….going…

    Forrest Gump just turned around and went back to the other coast.

  124. Dan Henderson says:

    Keep it up cousin. I wish I could be there.

  125. Cousin Nancy Turner says:

    From your Cousin Nancy Cassedy Turner : I hope you noticed a Hellcat fighter plane in the National Museum of Naval Aviation, when you were there. My brother, Bob Cassedy, and two friends, all Delta pilots, bought and restored the plane and donated it to that museum years ago. He would be telling you this, but he and his wife are on vacation in Australia & New Zealand these two weeks. Bob attributes his first taste of flying, as a kid, to going up with your dad over Metter. Have a safe ending to your remarkable journey, Love, Nancy

  126. Susan AKman says:

    Nancy, you are on the final week and we are all so happy for you! Pedal safely and know that we are with you all the way.
    We’re still walking, but that is a minor miracle. You are our

    “Supermagnolia, or maybe wondermagnolia”. I’m sure Yvonne can come up with an appropriate saying for this marvelous

    I will not be in St. Augustine, but please know that my heart
    will be with you and the others celebrating with you.

    Lots of hugs and good wishes.

  127. Dave Vasilatos says:

    Pay close attention …. It is almost time ….. I am hearing the stories of people getting hurt, falling, crashing from momentary lack of concentration.

    Stay focused…. savor the time each morning as your ready your machine.

    Wow…. you can almost smell the finish…. Lance ain’t got nothin’ on you. I wish we could be there to see your arrival.

  128. Susan AKman says:

    Nancy, tomorrow will be a day of elation, sorrow and longing for those days on the road. I am so happy you have shared this adventure with us. I know you will never forget this
    fabulous trip and the wonderful friends you have made. Accomplishing the miles is one thing, but the emotional and physical part has held me in awe. I will be there in spirit tomorrow and send my congratulations on a truly magnificent
    feat. Cheers to you!! Maybe we could rent bikes on the next magnolia retreat and go for a 5mile ride! We may be able to do that!

  129. Leon Curry says:

    Congratulations Nancy! We are all really proud of you and your endurance. Tomorrow will be a great day for you! Thanks for your journal and all the pictures. Wonderful to “ride along with you” on your very special journey. congratulations again. Leon

  130. Montell Clifton Lanier says:

    Nancy, I enjoyed your trip with you. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I’m going to miss keeping up with your travels.

  131. Lynda says:

    I have enjoyed your trip. Wow! What a memory!!!


  132. POLLY says:

    I am not sure you can get this, but I will say hello. I hope Bill is behaving. Have fun.

  133. Wendell says:

    I just read all of your postings. WOW!! It sounds like you and Bill are having a great time. I write from a hotel in Blue Ridge, there are worse places the DOE could send me. It is beautiful here. The temp this morning was around 57 and will be again tomorrow morning. The weather is great and the mountains are crystal clear. Nancy and I are taking our first overnight hike on the Appalachian Trail with Dane and Connie at the end of the month. I know we will enjoy the scenery but I’m a bit worried about the lack of creature comforts.

    We may go to Claire Webbs wedding, so we might see you in Metter then.

    I look forward to hearing about your trip.

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