Sanderson, TX, March 31-Day 22-54 miles

Bobbie Dunham and I shared a  room in Marathon, so decided to try a local place for breakfast.  The Cottonwood Station, a transformed gas station, was a local favorite.  I even saw the dear lady from yesterday’s library visit.

We had agreed not to leave early, so Robin was just sitting around waiting to 9:30.

Robin is ready to leave.

One of the great things about this trip is the never-ending surprises you see on the road.  This cow seems poised for travel.

Cow on wheels

As I rode out of town, my thoughts turned to Savannah and the memorial service for Poppa-Lew Towers. Bill and I talked after I arrived in Sanderson.  He went to the service and said it was very meaningful.  And, he gave Grandma a “Go Nancy Go” shirt.  I am carrying the Olympic Cycling medal from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics that he gave me before he died and asked that I take it on this trip.

Not being in a hurry and with no services AT ALL along US 90, several of us stopped by the road to eat our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  What a view!  And there I saw my first Indian paintbrush of the trip.  You just can’t see these sites from a car.  Linda Lamb, the Indian Paintbrush is in honor of a couple of trips we took together.  Fond memories!

Donna, Maggie, Anne, Ortrun, and Barb

Indian Paintbrush

Our home for the evening is the Outback Oasis Motel.  Not exactly the Ritz, but the owners are so gracious.   As I am writing this, Kay is teaching Outrun (age 70) to ride with clipless pedals.  It is so wonderful to see such support among these women.  We are all anxious about the 111-mile trip to Del Rio tomorrow.

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1 Response to Sanderson, TX, March 31-Day 22-54 miles

  1. Chris Kohout says:

    Hi Nancy!

    I’ve really enjoyed following your progress! Makes me want to do something like that (though much smaller). Really very impressive!


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