Blanco, TX-April 7 and Bastrop, TX-April 8

This day was predicted to be cold and rainy.  It lived up to expectations with a temperature of 36 degrees.  I was just not ready to subject myself to that kind of ride, with no improvement in the weather predicted. About six of us started in the van, with two more jumping in at mile 12, reporting numb fingers and toes.  This picture as the group started out says it all.

Leaving Kerrville in the freezing rain














As we rode along in the van we became more and more concerned about the riders.  The freezing rain continued to pelt the windshield. In spite of the beauty of this river, we were concerned about it rising over the road before the riders passed.

River on the way to Blanco














When we reached Comfort, an appropriate name for what happened there, a couple of the women were suffering from hypothermia. One of them got in the van with us.  The other one had found help in an antique shop, where several others found shelter as well.

The van only holds 15 folks and bicycles.  So, while some waited in the shop for the van to return for them, we rode on to Blanco.  At the end of the day, only four riders made it all the way to Blanco on their bikes about the time it began to lightly snow.  My roomie for the night, Barb, was one of them.  By dinner time, everyone was warm and safe.  The cold weather seemed to be the news of the day all over the country. 

Easter Sunday dawned cloudy and cold again.  Many of us decided to load in the van for Bastrop, not wanting a repeat of the day before.  I had hoped to find an early Easter service in a Methodist Church, but was not able to get any information on time of services.  Later I found out that one of the women had walked into town and found that there was a 9:00 service.  Wish I could have been there.  

Our group managed to keep up their good humor by wearing their Easter finery.

Kay and  Barb  on Easter Sunday














There was not much to see or do in Bastrop, just good food and a comfortable bed.   

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