Kountze, TX-April 13-56 miles

In an unusual move, the staff called a meeting of the group after breakfast this morning.  One issue was about one of our group who had decided to leave last night.  She was having some personal issues that she could not overcome.  The other issue was that it was in Cleveland last year where one of the riders was killed.  She had missed the turn into the motel, stopped at another place to ask directions, then, rode out in front of an on-coming car.  Both issues created a rather somber mood as we left this town.  For the first 15 miles, I managed to keep up a 16-mph ride with two of the better riders.  It felt good to be among the leaders, if only for a short while.
We were warned about log trucks this morning.  Visions of log trucks in South Georgia came to my mind.  They looked the same, but there were not nearly as many has I had perceived.  Once again, I think of Churchill’s quote.  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” 
Then, there were the wildflowers.  As we made a turn from a very bumpy road onto a smooth blacktop and stopped briefly to rest, I looked over into a ditch and saw these flowers, some sot of iris, I think.

Iris in Texas














A bit further down the road these red clovers were standing like little soldiers guarding the side of the road.

Red Clover soldiers














And, of course, there is the ever-present humor we see when stopping to rest at the SAG.

Humor on the road














Watching the Weather Channel this morning, we were anticipating possible rain.  It came in the form of a mist about 46 miles into the ride, not too bad.  The road was quiet, smooth and with a wide shoulder.  So the ride was okay, even when the rain became harder.  At least it was not cold, like last week.  Just so happened that we reached Kountze about lunchtime.  Mama Jack’s Restaurant seemed to be a local favorite.  So most of us stopped for some etouffee and muffallatas before checking into the motel.  After all, we are 70 miles from the Louisiana line!  We are in the Big Thicket area. http://www.nps.gov/bith/  It sounds a bit like the Okefenokee Swamp.  Unfortunately there is no time to see the Visitor’s Center since we have 90 miles to ride! Good news tonight!  The woman who left this morning has decided to return.  I think that is a good thing.  Most of us have had or will have meltdowns on this tour.  But, we are all strong women and we will prevail!  Speaking of prevailing, the weather forecast for the morning is not very good, thunderstorms, etc.  We will watch the Weather Channel in the morning and do what is safe.  If you read this post on Saturday, say a little prayer for safely.

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1 Response to Kountze, TX-April 13-56 miles

  1. POLLY says:

    It is Sunday evening. I know you are in Louisiana by now. I know you were glad to see Bill.Sounds like you two had a good visit. The flower pictures are beautiful.
    Keep up the good work.
    Love You,

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