Marianna, FL-April 26-90 miles

This morning in Crestview, we enjoyed breakfast in the hotel.  It is always good to have more choices than oatmeal out of the trailer (as tasty as it really is) and to enjoy a second cup of coffee seated at a table.  It takes so little to excite us these days!  With clouds in the sky and a threatening storm, folks donned their rain gear and took off.  Except for a few turns on city streets getting out of town, the whole day was spent on US 90.  Again, it was much more bicycle-friendly with wide shoulders, smooth pavement and little traffic.  Quite ironically, at the first SAG stop, there was a rest room nearby, with a pair of water skis nailed to the door.  Wonder what the symbolism is?  Since it was behind a fence, we decided it was best to use the bushes, instead.

Outhouse with water skis














Despite the fact that it was only 10:30 AM, we stopped at Sally’s in Ponce de Leon for lunch.  After all, we had eaten breakfast at 6:30, so it was time for some energy food.  I enjoyed their specialty, fresh, never frozen ground beef in the form of a hamburger!  Obviously my friends enjoyed their meals, as well! 

Lunch at Sally's














And, Pasha enjoyed her cake!

Pasha enjoys the whipped cream














After that, it was just a matter of pedaling through some small towns on US 90.  I must say that I had never heard of Caryville, the worm-fiddling capital of the world.  Perhaps we should try to return one year to attend their festival and find out more about worm fiddling.

Worm Fiddlin in Caryville














One church had an interesting message on their board out front, "Are you on fire for God, or are you just blowing smoke.”  We had a couple of rude folks who threw objects at us, but no one was hurt.  They must not have been members of that church!  As we pushed on to Marianna, in the bicycle mirror I could see threatening clouds, but we made it to the hotel before the rain began.We had some time before dinner to wash clothes and tell tales of the day.  Wonder what kind of story Ramsey is telling?

Ramsey tells folks about her day














Tonight we had dinner in a closed restaurant connected to the hotel.  It was rather strange because it was as though the folks just closed the doors and walked out, leaving pictures on the wall, utensils in the kitchen and fake flowers on the tables.  Kay and Don Phillips drove here from Headland to have dinner and visit for a while.  It was great to see them, since we don’t get to see each other often.  It meant a lot to me that they took the time to drive over in threatening weather.  A storm moved through while we had dinner, but cleared out before bedtime.  We have certainly been lucky with the weather on this trip.  It is hard to believe that we only have 6 more riding days.  And, this time next week, we will be having our final dinner together.  Folks not on this trip have made comments to me and to others about this trip being a life-changing event.  Today, one of the women made the observation that we will not really know how life has changed until we return to the real world and have been there for a while.  Processing this whole trip will take me a long time.

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  1. Paul Tillery says:

    I’m really enjoying reading about your adventure and all the pictures. You ladies do indeed have an adventuring spirit and may like my son’s (Reid Tillery) web site

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