Last Day in Adelaide

Friday, September 14, 2007

This will be a short post since we are leaving at 6:30 AM tomorrow for our 6-day road trip to Alice Springs.  Posts may be few and far between during this time as we will be in very remote places.  I will keep good notes on how we fare in the outback.  We will see Coober Pety, Uluhru, and uniquely Australian sites.

Today we visited several places in Adelaide.  Perhaps the most poignant was the Migration Musuem.  It was housed in a former school for aboriginal children, abandonded in the 1850s when the Aboriginal people realized that the colonials were attempting to destroy the culture by basically kidnapping the children and not allowing visitation for years.  The school closed and the Destitute Asylum was opened on the site.  This was a place for abandonded children and pregnant unwed mothers.  It was a squalid place unfit for the children or mothers.  I plan to research this when I get home.  I did learn about Zonta International,, an international women-helping women group.  An important project of the Adelaide group presently is the birthing kit.  For one dollar, a kit can be purchased and given to needy women.  I plan to research this as well.

There is so much more to tell about this day, but my time is running out on the computer.  Hopefully I will be able to post in a few days.

Oh, I forgot about Bill’s floater pies.  He had been telling me about this split pea and pot pie dish served up on a food cart by the post office.  We were finally able to enjoy one tonight.

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1 Response to Last Day in Adelaide

  1. wendy norton says:

    Looking good!!!
    You 2 wine drinkin, history buffin, adventurous eatin south georgia tourists!!!
    Miss you both but glad you’re having fun. love wendy

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