A Day Of Rest In Custer, SD

Made it to Custer

Rocket Motel

If you travel as much as Polly and I have in the past month, every so often you need a day of rest.  We slept in, washed clothes, gassed up the car, ran the car through an automated car wash and just rested.  There is not much tell because most of the stores in Custer were closed for the winter…that is until we walked into the Naked Winery Tasting Room.  We had a few laughs with the signs there and learned that there was live music later in the evening.  Read more on that later.

Silly Girls

After riding around the town a bit (didn’t take too long), we returned to the Rocket Motel.  I have been having wifi issues from time to time.  Polly reminded me that I could use my iPhone as a hot spot.  It works like a charm!  As luck would have it, the town was sponsoring a “trick or treat” event for the children.  They walked around downtown and local merchants would hand out treats.  Don and Brenda, the owners of the Rocket Motel, were doing their part.  I walked down and photographed a few of the children.  It reminded me of Metter.  Too cute.

Trick or Treat in Custer, SD

Trick or Treat in Custer, SD

Trick or Treat in Custer, SD

Trick or Treat in Custer, SD

Trick or Treat in Custer, SD

Trick or Treat in Custer, SD

Tonight Polly and I went back down to the Naked Winery Tasting Room to hear the live music.  We were not disappointed.  The musician, Terry Tomlinson, sang mostly country songs for about two hours.  Along with three other folks (one of whom was Terry’s mother), we often sang along as he played.  He told us that some of his folks were Tomlinson’s from South Georgia.  His nephew, Jerry is connected with SunTrust Bank in Atlanta.  Small world.  What a great ending to the day.

Terry Tomlinson

Nancy, Terry, Polly

0 miles

October 27, 2012

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