Bill and I are in San Diego

Bill and I left Metter about 6:00 AM this morning for the first leg of our journey, from Savannah to Atlanta. As we boarded the plane I ran into an old friend and former assistant principal in Metter, Raamy Brown. Raamy lives in McIntosh County near my friend Marijo. She was on her way to a yoga retreat in the Bahamas. After catching up on news during the flight, we parted ways in Atlanta. We left Atlanta around 11:00 AM for the flight to San Diego. After picking up our rental car and checking in to the Holiday Inn, our home for the next four days, we headed out to find wine and goodies for our room. Little did we know that Marshal Mize had sent us a bottle of Merlot, grapes and other snacks, which were in the room when we returned. Thanks Marshal.  Tomorrow we plan to see a bit of San Diego and enjoy the beautiful weather here.  Â

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5 Responses to Bill and I are in San Diego

  1. Julie Hall says:

    Nancy and Bill,
    How nice of Marshal Mize! The Magnolias should have thought of something like that! But several of us were distracted with Melanie’s shower. Just checking in to make sure our TOP Magnolia is feeling a-okay! Just remember we ar with you all the way. Pedal on!!

    Love, Julie

  2. Lydia says:

    Hey Girl –

    How goes it all???? I am most anxious to hear a report from “the road”? How are your new friends?

    Michael and are are a bit crazed right now with the opening of RG’s coming up in four days! I am going down to Hinesville on Tuesday to be there till the week end.

    Ditto from Julie – pedal on!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Lydia says:

    Hey –
    So it’s Sunday night in Brawley? I have your schedule on my frig – I hope all is going well.

    Last night Susie and I went to see RESPECT at the 14 Street Playhouse. As we were leaving the theater – I heard, “Miss Lydia, is that you?” Surprise – it was Jimmy Hilderbrandt. I would hardly have recognized him. He looked great and seems to be doing very well! He mentioned seeing you a while back and I told him all about your trip! I promised him we’d call him and get together for dinner when you return.

    Take care and ride safely!


  4. Marijo Pitts-Sheffield says:

    Hi Nance,
    I have been checking out your website and following your trip so far.
    The pictures are great! Things seem to be going well! It is amazing what we can see as we follow you!

    I will see Jimmy tomorrow or early Tuesday morning in Ashburn, monitoring Turner County. (I will certainly miss you riding with me on this trip.) I also miss our daily conversations!!:>)

    The house is going up quickly! The plumbers, electricians and heating/air conditioning folks are hard at work. I met with the cabinet man on Saturday!
    We will have the house finished when you return!

    I will keep up with you! Have a great time! Be safe! mj

  5. Andrea says:

    This is so fasinating! The pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Be safe!

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