My New Friends

These are some of my new friends.  We had orientation and a fix-a-flat class today.  Tonight we will have a send-off banquet.  Matt and Bill will join me for the dinner.  I am equally exhilarated and terrified about tomorrow.  We will ride as a group to the beach, dip our tires in the Pacific Ocean and be on our way.   

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3 Responses to My New Friends

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  2. Elon says:

    Hello, Nancy,
    Great to hear from you last night. It’s always good to get that “1st Day” behind you. Remember, you have a lot of friends cheering for you. It’s all about the “story”. Bring some good ones home with you. Have fun, we’ll see you soon, Elon

  3. Joe Angus says:

    Aloha Nancy,
    It was a pleasure meeting you and the gentleman Mr. Norton (I believe his name was) who was once a FMF Navy Corpsman. Had I known you and the other extraordinary women were to venture on quite a cycling journey, I would have at least bought out samples of my tasty and nutritional Pre-workout energy bars and sugar-free sport drinks for the road.
    Fifty-eight days to St. Augustine, FL. Thats very impressive and so motivating. In fact, feel free to venture my website and go to sports nutrition and I will include free shipping for your efforts.
    God Bless you ladies from harm and travel mercies.

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