Day 3 and 4-Brawley and Blythe CA

We left Jacumba Spa and Lodge on Day 3 headed for Brawley.  After climbing 1000 feet in 5 miles, we had a 10-mile downhill on I-8 (yep you can ride on the interstate in places out here).  What an awesome ride!  The next 23 mile-ride on a smooth blacktop was interrupted by a turn to the left, where we hit one of the worst 15 miles of "shake and bakes" I have ever experienced.  The last leg into Brawley was on a busy road, but we saw lots of farming in the Imperial Valley. 

Day 4-Brawley to Blythe-Because this was a 90-mile day, we left the hotel around 6:30.  I managed to catch a pace line for about 15 miles as we watched the sun rise in the sky.  We rode through the Imperial Sand Dunes, a spectacular site. Then we hit the wind and 95 degree heat (very dry, unlike South GA).  I rode for about 25 miles in a headwind of about 15-20 miph.  My average speed slowed to about 6 mph during that time.  Because there was no place to stop for lunch (no convenience stores for miles and miles), the Womantours van served us lunch at about mile 40.  Now it is confession time.  Having experienced enough wind and heat for one day and knowing 50 miles lay in front of me, I joined at least half the women in the van into Blythe.  We will be here for two days before pushing on.

The satellite function is not working right now.  It requires good cell phone coverage, which is not possible in Blythe.  We are working on it.   

To the folks at chiurch, you can add about 125 miles to your walk to Jerusalem. 

You can leave me a post on this page.  I will check the site as often as I can.

Hope everyone is fine.

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6 Responses to Day 3 and 4-Brawley and Blythe CA


    We are thinking about you. Keep going. We love you.

  2. chris lamb says:

    Matt, let me know you are still alive.

  3. Nancy,
    I am loving following you through my USA.


    US Citizen 2005

  4. Leon Curry says:

    Go Nancy Go!! Will invite Bill over after choir practice tonite to see your journal.

  5. Kay says:

    Hey Nanc,
    I’m so proud of you and following along. I told Brian that the desert got you down…. he understood since he did that trip back in the 70’s when he was very young. He thinks that you are remarkable to embark on such a hard, but wonderful adverture and he is supporting you all the way. Don’t ever get down because the going gets tough…. do whatever you can to keep going (including riding for a few miles in the van to recoup). That is just a part of the experience…. the thing is… don’t every give up. Keep on rolling…. just like Proud Mary! I love you girlfriend and I am so proud of you!. Love, Kay

  6. Eleanor says:

    Nancy, Alf says, “Quitting is the better part of valor.” Actually, he said he was glad you didn’t feel you needed to prove anything. Here we are sitting at home- YOU CAN BE PROUD! Besides, what goes on the tour, stays on the tour…..and we know how you hate the heat!!!

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