Pictures from the Desert

Nancy at Glamis, CA

Imperial Sand Dunes

The top picture is at one of the three "convenience"stores we saw in 90 miles between Brawley and Blythe. The second one is from the Imperial Sand Dunes before we reached Blythe.  Thanks to Matt for helping me do this technology.

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6 Responses to Pictures from the Desert

  1. POLLY says:

    Great pictures. Gadget man went to school with me today to take pictures of you nephew and his class. One of the boys in the picture(black shirt) said we were going to look at the map of GO NANCY GO. They are moving the newspaper picture of you across the map. I left the web site for them to write a note.

  2. POLLY says:

    Thanks a million for this technology stuff. Maybe by the time she gets to Fla. I will know how to work it.

  3. BILL says:


  4. Lori says:

    You’re looking good! I saw the map at school where the
    students are plotting your journal. I wish you lock and
    blessings of health and safety! I love ya.

  5. Jason says:

    Thanks for the pictures. Those tracks in the sand dune are the tracks of my bike wheels and my buddy, Jesse’s bike wheels. We were the two guys who started at the beach in San Diego about the same time that you did. We’re done with our ride now (only San Diego to Phoenix) but you’ve still got a long way to go.

    Be careful and watch out for truckers.


  6. Wichelle says:

    Go Nancy Go!! I finally got internet service at the new place and I love the journal. You are totally amazing. Keep on truckin’ – Wichelle

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