Salome, CA and Wickenburg, AZ

3/14/07-We left Blythe, CA, at daybreak, rode three miles to the Colorado River, crossed into Arizona, and began a 30-mile trek on I-10 (legal for bikes here).  It wasn't too bad because there are wide shoulders.  We left I-10 for a brief time in Quartzite, AZ, where Bill and Leon Curry had been in Janaury.  What a fascinating town, with the RVs, souvenir stands and the "interesting" man who operates a bookstore there!.  After a piece of apple pie at Sweet Darlene's, it was back on the interstate for the rest of the 30 miles on I-10.  We took the exit to Brenda and the road became flat and smooth. but the heat was brutal. It is not quite like the heat in Georgia because sweat evaporates.  So you have to be careful and drink lots of water.  We arrived at Sheffler's Motel (definitely not on the AAA list) in Salome, AZ in the early afternoon.  We knew it was different when Sponge Bob (aka the innkeeper) asked if we wanted a remote control for the TV.  At least it was not a tent! 

Today we left Sheffler's around 6:30 AM, a bit cool at 55 degrees.  Stopped at Big Momma's for a second breakfast.  Seems one of the locals there gave us a new name, "Pedal Bunnies".  Along the way we saw pistachio trees and other crops, along with a dead coyote and fresh-killed skunk, accompanied by the appropriate smell.  After about 55 miles, we arrived in Wickenburg, with highlights of great ice cream and a cowboy museum.  Polly would love it.  Tonight our cook treated us to fajitas and polenta (almost like grits, but not quite as good).  Tomorrow we are off to Phoenix. What a great day!

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