Pictures from Day 6 and Day 7

 Sheffler Motel in Salome

 Sheffler's Motel-Not exactly AAA

Little Church Near Brenda

 To my friends at Metter United Methodist Church-I wonder how many folks they can seat in church?

Thank God for Rain Bronze Statue in Wickenburg














Bronze statue- "Thank God for the Rain" outside the museum in Wickenburg.







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2 Responses to Pictures from Day 6 and Day 7

  1. Keith Walker says:

    Thanks for doing such a great blog. Our friend Ramsey Doran from Nashville is on the trip with you so please tell her the Walker’s say hello and that Abby is walking now.

    Good luck on your journey!

  2. robin willis says:

    Your journal is great for us virtual peddlers. It is quite a journey you are undertaking. I hope that all in the group are doing well and no injuries occur.please give my best to Annie Richardson and let her know I am reading your progress. Good luck.

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