Apache Junction to Globe-Day 9

This was probably the toughest day I have had so far.  We left Apache Junction around 6:30 AM to beat the heat.  At about mile 18 we began a two-mile climb.  After riding much of the way in my "granny gear", I managed to make it to the top.  At mile 29 we stopped in Superior, AZ at the Buckboard City Restaurant for a second breakfast of French toast.  It is a favorite stop for the bikers who ride the mountain roads around that area.

Nancy and the Hawgs














 That was the fun part!  Then came the major climb(s) of the day and a tunnel.  Some of the grades were at 6% as we climbed to 4777 feet.  In the midst of that came a short dark tunnel, where the SAG escorted us through.  When I was within three miles of the top of the climb, I just gave out of steam.  After finding that there was no phone signal to call the SAG, I decided just to wait and watch major traffic (including big trucks) go by until the SAG came.  I waited and waited and waited, for about 45 minutes, thinking I just could not go any further.  Finally, after a little prayer, I decided that I must keep going.  From somewhere deep inside I found the strength to push on to the top.  There was my reward, a long and beautiful downhill, where I reached a speed on 39.8 mph.  That is both terrifying and thrilling! Lesson learned from this experience…when you feel like you can't go on, just let your body have a complete rest, find a positive mental attitude, say a little prayer and somehow the strength will come.

Mountain Pass in Arizona













Finally, arriving in Globe, I was totally exhausted.  After a shower and brief rest, I felt refreshed and ready for our nightly gourmet meal.  Four Canadians cycled into the motel shortly after we arrived.  Of course we invited them for dinner.  They accepted, brought wine AND washed dishes!  What great experiences we are having!

Shrimp and Pesto Ravioli














French Canadian cyclists washing our dishes

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5 Responses to Apache Junction to Globe-Day 9

  1. Marijo Pitts-Sheffield says:

    WOW— What a day for you!!!

    I can’t believe I was just concerned about my solo trip to Atlanta today!! I’ll tell everyone at the DOE you said,”Hello” and I’ll call you after our meetings. I’ll also take care of your DOE travel paperwork. Have fun! Be safe! mj

  2. Patty says:

    Hi, I am doing WomanTours Meandering Mississippi trip in May. I am following the blogs of women on your trip. Just wanted to tell you good job and getting the positive attitute and doing that tought climb.

  3. POLLY says:

    Bikers who wash dishes. Are they married?
    We are home from the race. Railyn and Seage had a great time. Railyn’s favorite car is the M and M car.
    I’m really enjoying your journal.
    Love You

  4. Kay says:

    Hey, Nancy,
    I was worried when there was a gap in your journal…. so glad i caught up with your escapades tonight. Yes, you are absolutely right…. just when you think you should give up, somewhere deep inside you pull out that strength to go on. Remember, in New York, all I needed was just to see you “way ahead of me” to give me the will to keep going even though the crosswind across the Veranzano Bridge had my helmet and my bike at an odd 45 degree angle, I could see you and I finished. So will you. I love you! Kay

  5. Grace says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Just viewed your website for the first time. I enjoyed reading everything. I know you are having a great time. What a great way to give back something to the education system! I know they are sooo proud. I’ll keep checking in to see how things are going.

    Way TO GO!!!!

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