Wickenburg to Phoenix-March 16-Day 8

We started out from Wickenburg as soon as it was light enough to ride.  The traffic got heavier as the day progressed.  But, the bike lanes were wide enough for us to feel safe.  We took time out to stop for a few photos, but as traffic got heavier, the photo ops decreased.  Phoenix has really great bike lanes, except where they are closed for repair.  It gets a little scary when there is no shoulder and we share the right lane with BIG trucks.  Even with a temperature of 115 when we arrived, everyone managed to arrive with only some sunburn and fatigue.  Tomorrow we go to Apache Junction, staying in metro Phoenix the whole 50+ miles.  As time goes on, we are all learning to appreciate each other's strengths, while we are all so different.  Each night we talk about "thorns" and "roses" of the day.  The best news of today was that there were no flats!  

My GPS is not working again.  But, Matt continues to work on it.  Stay tuned! 

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2 Responses to Wickenburg to Phoenix-March 16-Day 8

  1. Jan Trapnell says:

    May the luck of the Irish and be with you, my red haired colleen. I learned of the website from the Methodist Church bulletin, and have devoured every posting and comment. You are bringing back fond memories of our trips together. I’m a little, only a little, envious. Tip a glass for me and Team Geranium when you get in tonight. You may have a shower first.

    Love and Prayers,


  2. Vicki Lane says:

    Nancy, this is the first time that I have checked your website and it really looks great. Why do you think we were unable to print those thank you’s? Rest assured I amd getting those done. I hear great things about your trip from others, so do us proud back here in the ” heart of dixie”.

    Be safe!!

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