My Youngest Fans from Metter Elementary

Thank you to Mrs. Tammie and Mrs. Dennie Kay's class for cheering me on.  I am so proud of you.  When I get back, I will come to your class and tell you all about my trip.  You can send me a message at the end of these pictures.  Seage, you and your class are so special to cheer your Aunt Nancy on and wear that shirt.

 Seage's class and his Nana














Where is Miss Nancy? 

Where is Miss Nancy?


Seage's class

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2 Responses to My Youngest Fans from Metter Elementary

  1. Montell Clifton Laier says:

    Nancy, I am enjoying reading about your travels and adventures over the internet. I would love to be able to travel where you are, only in a car!!! I’m not as brave as you. May God bless in your travels and give you safety and good health until you get back home. I will continue to follow you on your journey. Thanks for letting me share this trip!

  2. POLLY says:

    Hey Aunt Nancy,
    Is it a long way? How hot is it or how cold is it? We have been studyibg about you riding across the whole United States.Did Ya’ll ride on dirt?
    Written by Seage Kirk Keel
    Seage and I are about to go to Statesboro to buy a glove and kleats and batting gloves.
    Love you

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