Lordsburg to Silver City and Rest Day-Days 12 & 13-March 21-22

After leaving Lordsburg around 7:00 AM, we had a long steady climb for at least 15 miles.  It was so gradual that I wondered if the higher elevation or lack of energy was causing me problems.  I just couldn't seem to pedal faster than 8-10 mph.  At the first SAG we looked back and realized how much we had climbed.  It was really apparent at mile 25 when we crossed the Continental Divide at an elevation of 6355 feet.

Nancy at Continental Divide near Silver City


















Once over the divide, what a sail down the other side!.  But alas, there were more hills to come.  In all we climbed 3716 on this day.  I logged 46 miles with a speed of 9.65 mph, whew! We passed a huge copper mine just before Silver City.


Copper Mine near Silver City













We were all glad to see this town (boyhood home of Billy the Kid), because it meant a day of rest after eight straight days of cycling! 

 Nancy with her friend Billy the Kid


















This is a time for laundry, writing post cards, restocking at Walmart, Walgreens, or whatever, and just sleeping in.  After breakfast on our day off, we had a yoga class taught by one of the tour leaders.  I wandered into the town with a few friends, did a little sightseeing, and enjoyed a great Mexican lunch (no Margurita this time).  Bill sent me a package with a recording device that I can take on my bike and record interesting sights for my journal.  (It is hard to remember everything you see, especially at 62!) Now if I can just figure out how to use it.  He also included the little puppy that usually sits on my bike when I ride.  I missed him (Well, the puppy and Bill) Tomorrow we are off toward the highest peak on the trip (over 8000'), then down the other side to a "quaint" little lodge in Kingston, NM.  Forecast is for thunderstorms.  There is very little chance of internet service so my next post may be in Las Cruces


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