Safford to Lordsburg-Day 11, March 20, 2007

We took a detour from the Adventure Cycling route today, for those of you trying to follow it on the AC maps.  Tomorrow our destination is Silver City (for two days!).  But, it would have been 100+ miles over mountains and no place to stay on the route, so the Womantours created this alternate route.  While the terrain was relatively flat, it was a hard day for almost everyone, despite the fact that it looks like we are having fun at one of our stops. I'm the one on the left without the helmet.  We have to do something to keep our spirits up!

Girls on the Road













Since we eat breakfast around 6:00 AM each day, it is traditional (and necessary) to have a second breakfast later in the morning.  I enjoyed a huge plate of French toast at Ol Jo's Cafe in Duncan, AZ, about the size of Cobbtown, GA. 

 Nancy at New Mexico state line














At about mile 45 we crossed into New Mexico.  Now we have been in three states. (insert photo)  Then the real challenge of the day began.  The wind began blowing ferociously from the side and one of my cycling friends had a flat.  We survived both to arrive in Lordsburg around 4:00 PM (the time changed when we crossed the state line).  Whew!  Tomorrow we will arrive in Silver City with a layover day after 8 straight days of cycling.  I look forward to sleeping in.




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