Las Cruces, NM, March 24-Day 15

From the time I awoke to the smell of coffee and bacon, the day felt like something really special.  We enjoyed a hearty breakfast of eggs (from local "deranged" chickens), bacon, hash brown potatoes, and fresh squeezed orange juice.  As we were loading the van,  the sounds of Cat Steven's "Morning Has Broken" came from the piano played by one of our riders.  Then I walked outside to this scene.  Notice the fresh snow on the mountain.                                                                                                   

Morning in Kingston, with fresh snow on the mountain














It was 40 degrees when I pedaled out of Kingston, dressed in my regular cycling clothes, plus arm warmers, booties over my shoes, long-fingered gloves, and a headband.  So I felt warm as the road took us down 2000 feet in the first 10 miles.  The vistas were incredible.  I had to stop several times to contemplate the beauty of God's world and take some pictures.  The pictures don't tell the whole story, but give a flavor of what we saw.  This part of the ride was truly a spiritual experience.

 Vistas just out of Kingston, NM











After a few more miles, we were in the flat lands, but the weather was still cool.  This farm scene was not far from our first site of the Rio Grande River.

 Farm scene near the Rio Grande River











After this point we pedaled along the Rio Grande for quite a while.  In Hatch (famous for its chilies) we stopped after 51 miles, at the Pepper Pot (appropriately named) for lunch.  Some riders from the Las Cruces cycling club had been there earlier and pedaled into Las Cruces with our faster riders.  After lunch, it was a long way to Las Cruces, passing pecan trees, chili fields (ready for planting) and some very expensive homes scattered along the road.  After 88 miles, I arrived in Las Cruces and the Hampton Inn, our home for the evening.  The Las Cruces Cycling Club, called Bike and Chowder, hosted a reception for us before dinner.  One of the members told me that her 85-year-old mother (Esther) who is an athlete, would be meeting us in St. Augustine.  I must remember to look her up.

My roommate for the night was Barb Cassels, a retired elementary PE teacher from NY.  So we talked education for a while.  Tonight I was more exhausted than any day so far on the trip.  But, I did sleep well.  








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4 Responses to Las Cruces, NM, March 24-Day 15

  1. Mary Blake says:

    Hey Nancy I have been following your trip on your blog and I so much wish I was on the trip with all of you. I too will be in St. Augustine and High Springs, FL (very near where I live.)

    I read that you roomed with Barb Cassels. I know her so PLEASE tell her I’m so proud of here too. I met her on the Vermont trip 2 years ago. She is a wonderful person.

    Thanks for the blog. Keep up the Spirits. You are an insriration to many like me who you have never met. Mary

  2. Seage Keel says:

    Aunt Nancy we are reading a story at storytime titled The Boxcar Children. There is a city in the story called Sivler City. I wonder if that is the city you are at. I shared the postcard today at school.

  3. Eleanor says:

    Hi Nancy! YOU’RE LOOKING GOOD, HONEY!!! Your body is taking on a whole new shape as you struggle up those hills – – HECK –
    Mountains! You ladies are TOUGH. Wish I could be with you. I’m green with envy. We used to live in Arizona and traveled on similar routes to those you’re taking. I recognize the names of many of the towns you’re traveling through, so I’m really intrigued to see your photos and read your journal. Keep on keeping on, girl. You’re AWESOME! love, eleanor

  4. Jerry and Shirley Lott says:

    We are really enjoying keeping up with your trip. It is awesome to get to travel along with you. We’ve been keeping up the entire trip. The pictures are wonderful. Have a happy safe trip and hurry home to Metter UMC! Blessings, Jerry and Shirley Lott

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