El Paso-March 25-Day 16-67 miles

We left Las Cruces around 8:00 AM with members of the Bike and Chowder Bicycle Club, who escorted us for about 30 miles.  For a while I rode with "Bo" who has a nephew, Jeff Davis (not hard to remember that name) in the landscaping business in Gainesville, GA.  Wonder if Adrian Flack has run across him?  That would be a small world.  The terrian and crops made me feel right at home.  We pass Stahmann Pecans, http://www.stahmanns.com/ one of the largest pecan growers in the world.  Unlike South Georgia, pecan grove irrigation is done by flooding the fields three times a year.  Thought folks might enjoy the sign as well.  Jimmy Trapnell, do you have to put up signs like these?

Stahmann Pecan Orchard, flooded 3 times a year












Don't Pick the Nuts















In addition to chili peppers (not planted yet), the farmers also grow cotton (also not planted) and onions.

Onion Fields in New Mexico












Just when you think you have seen it all, there are more interesting sites to see.  I hesitate to share these yard art photos, because it might give Bill some ideas for our yard.  The giant squirrel may cause problems for the pecan farmers.

This squirrel must have eaten lots of pecans












We might just want to stick with our bicycles instead of this car.

Nancy and car art












Somewhere around mile 36 on this day we left New Mexico and entered Texas.  Going through El Paso was a bit scary at times.  We did ride through downtown, which was quite charming.  But, soon we entered the Cesar Chavez Parkway for about 8 harrowing miles.  It was basically an expressway with wide shoulders.  Thank goodness it was Sunday, so the traffic was not bad.  For you cyclists who know me, I was able to set the pace for 5 other women along this road.  Somehow I was feeling strong for a while.  The expressway was along the Mexican-American border.  The picture below depicts what we saw to our left the entire 8 miles.

Mexican-American border along Ceasar Chavez Parkway












From the exit to this road, we cycled about three miles to our motel for the night.  My roommate for the evening is Anne Cowan from Bristol, TN.  You can see her website from the links on this site.  Once again we had our traditional celebration on crossing a state border with "adult beverages" with dinner.  It was a long hard day.


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  1. POLLY says:

    I saw Bill heading for the junk yard to gather material for the giant squirrel he is building. Sounds like you are enjoying keeping up wi the agriculture. Your nephew sill be proud of you.When I made reservation for Howard for
    st. Augustine, I told the lady about and she immediately got on the internet to see while we were talking.

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