Brackettville, TX-April 2-43.4 miles

After the long ride into Del Rio, at breakfast I wondered if I would be able to ride today.  I still seemed exhausted.  After some eggs and pancakes (pancakes always cure what ails you) I decided to try it.  I needed to get back on that horse! And, after all, we were going to make a run to Walmart on the way.  I needed some necessities like sunscreen.  This might be my last chance for a while! While going through Del Rio we ran into Irv and his riding partner.  Irv was the fellow from GA Tech who was Robert Hulsey's roommate some years ago at Tech. 

The ride to Brackettville (Ft. Collins Springs was our lodging place) was uneventful.  Cool weather, overcast skies and flat roads made for an easy ride.  When we arrived, the ladies of the Chamber of Commerce had lunch waiting for us at the old officer's club, now a place for social gatherings. Ft Collins is an old cavalry base from the 1850's that was abandonded in 1944, when the army decided that the cavalry was obsolete. Its buildings have been mostly converted into private residences.  The picture below is the Ft. Collins United Methodist Church minister, a retired Kindergarten teacher who went to seminary after retirement.  This is her first church.  Sound familiar Jimmy?

Nancy with Methodist minister












The barracks were converted into nice hotel rooms.  General Patton was here at one time.  We found out that the movie Arrowhead was made here. For more history see 

Our lodging, former barracks












During World War II, German POWs were kept here for a while.  We saw a picture painted by one of the POWs in the "brig".  They built a water tower for the enlisted troups that still works today. 

The Brig












How did she get here?












But, perhaps the most impressive site was the swimming pool.  It is spring-fed, 68 degrees all the time and larger than an olympic-size pool  Polly, you would love it.  Not sure if any chemicals ever came near this pool, just plain old spring fed water.  Remember the Lakeside pool in Metter?  The water was just as cold.!  While, I didn't actually swim, I did put my feet in the water.  Ramsay from Nashville was my roomie for the evening.  We enjoyed talking "southern" stuff.

Ft. Collins Spring Pool












Spring-fed pool


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3 Responses to Brackettville, TX-April 2-43.4 miles

  1. POLLY says:

    I love the pool. Not so sure the Ga. Dept. of public Health would let the water pass the inspection.However, I don’t think the Lakeside Pool had any chemicals in it either. We all survived. I’ll have to ask Larry to check out the filter system. It looks like lots of fun . The Fort seems to be alive and well. Why were you behind bars?
    Got my hair “done” today. Pam and Lisa say “Go Forrest Go!”

  2. Hub Kelsh says:

    Just learned of your adventure. A big tip of the helmet to you and your teammates. A HUGE congratulations!


  3. Kay says:

    Happy Easter, Nancy!

    You look wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing all those great photographs. You are taking all of us along for the ride with you.

    Love, Kay

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