Camp Wood-April 3-49 Miles

It was a bit warmer when we left Ft. Collins Springs, no need for jackets and arm warmers.  The night before our guide had told us that there had been heavy rains, causing some roads to be closed because of water across the roads  (a common occurance here).  In some of the "dips"  there is a gauge to show how deep the water is over the road. The road we were to travel was to open around 10:00 AM.  We did see a "Road Closed-Local Traffic only" barricade and sign, but we felt confident that we could make it.  Before getting to the high water, we passed some incredible wildflowers.  This is one example of God's beauty.

Texas Wildflowers















Then we came to the river.  A sheriff's car was parked on the side.  I assume he was there to make sure we could make it.  We had been advised not to try riding through it.  So, we had two choices, walk through with or without shoes.  Here we are.  Actually, there were a couple of the women who rode through it without falling.

Crossing the river












 Let's take off our shoes















 Some folks carried their bikes across












 Susan walked through with her shoes on!















At mile 45, only a few miles from Camp Wood, we came to this wonderful swimming hole.  Shades of BRAG!  So, we just had to jump in.  What a site! All but one of us over 55!

Some old broads in a swimming hole












We saw this on a truck at the river.  Enough said for the day.

On the side of a pickup in Texas


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2 Responses to Camp Wood-April 3-49 Miles

  1. Howard says:

    Easter is almost here. We are boldly planning an Easter lunch without your advice. I even thought enough in advance to call Uncle Bill. He regretablly declined because of his trip. We are risking this event without your input. If we can all eat lunch without some sort of disaster, I am sure we will offer a toast to the intrepid travelers that could not come later that evening. Happy Easter!

  2. Doris & Kelton says:

    Unbelievable! We’ve had freezing temps here also, coldest Easter ever! Now, high winds, enough to blow one from her bike! Hang on and hold on, keep rolling on. Your progress is remarkable. I love your scrip each day. Our church has had its share of deaths recently. Ogden’s funeral was uplifting, church filled with lawyers, judges, etc —-even one in the pulpit – our own Jimmy T. He showed your “video” Sun, of which we were glad to see. Your photography has been awesome – you’ve found, and shared, beautiful sights along “boring” pavement!
    We’re still praying for safety for ya’ll,
    Doris & Kelton

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