Lavender Fields and Alpacas

Sleeping in until 7:30 is a wonderful luxury after getting up before dawn two days in a row!  After breakfast, David, Polly and I donned helmets, adjusted bicycle seats and took off for a ride to the nearby Los Poblanos Farm a former dairy converted into an inn and lavender farm.  Two little girls, ages 3 and 5, entertained us with their lack of fear in playing with the friendly milk cow, goat and sheep, while their mother made crafts close by.

Los Poblanos Farm

I had been to this farm two years ago and wanted to go back for some aromatic lavender salve.  After making our purchases, we stowed them in our bicycle bags and pedaled back to the Hudson hacienda.

Nancy and Polly at Los Poblanos

Yet another culinary experience awaited us at the Range Café  in Bernalillo.  Opened in 1992, it is a funky restaurant in an old adobe building.  Green chili stew was the favorite for four of us at the table.  It took several bites before I could enjoy it without needing a sip of water each time.

The Range Cafe

Dining Friends

Green Chili

The Ranges

Silva’s Saloon is next door. Rumor has it that the original owner, Felix Silva, Sr. kept nine loaded guns hidden throughout the building.  It’s walls are coated in newspaper clippings, old photos and other momentos from a bygone time, including one of Julia Roberts in one of her first movies where one scene was shot in Silva’s.  Sadly, Silva’s daughter and current bartender has the business up for sale, but is looking for someone who will keep its spirit alive.

Silva’s Saloon

Silva’s Liquor

Polly at the bar

Old cigarette machine

One last adventure for the day was a visit to Albuquerque Alpacas, an experience recommended by Julie and Lydia.  The photos tell it all.  Yes, I came away with a rug.


David, John and Peter

Alpaca Fun

Leslie and her baby

My Rug

Finally it was time to say goodbye to John and Peter.  What a great time we have had.

John, Polly, Nancy and Peter

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