Do You Know The Way To Santa Fe?

Riding the train to Santa Fe?  What a novel idea.  And, that is just what we decided to do.  The Rail Runner Express  is convenient, inexpensive, comfortable and the route is quite scenic.  One station was only a few miles from David and Alison’s home.

Which Way is Santa Fe?

We left at 8:50 AM, as scheduled.  One of the places we passed was Santo Domingo Pueblo(officially changed to Kewa Pueblo in 2009).  In August 2005, Bill, Wendy, Wichelle and I were honored to observe the annual corn dance of more than 2000 Pueblo people who participate.  We saw lots of interesting sites from the window of the train.

LIttle Bicycle Seen From the Train

Arriving in Santa Fe, we rode the shuttle to downtown and met Julie Hall at La Fonda Hotel for lunch.  It was a special time for the three of us, since our dads had been business partners in the 1940s and 1959s.

Polly, Nancy and Julie at La Fonda

Lunch At La Fonda

Having a limited amount of time before our train departed for Albuquerque, we decided that we would like to see the art of Canyon Road.  The photos below depict some of the beauty on that was on that road.

Julie and Nancy

Canyon Road Art

Polly and Julie

Canyon Road Art

Canyon Road Art

Canyon Road Art

Polly and Friend

Canyon Road Art

Canyon Road Art

Cottonwood Tree

Canyon Road Art

Adobe Building

All too soon it was time to tell Julie goodbye and head back to the train.  Our ride back to Albuquerque was just as pleasant as the first one.  I highly recommend trying the train if you are ever in Albuquerque.

Our special meal for the evening was with David and Alison at the Standard Diner.  Like so many other service stations across the country, this one was converted into a restaurant.  I wonder if it was a Standard Oil station?

October 9, 2012

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