Home With A View

Forty-three years ago today, a precious little boy was born.  My son, my son, Matt Towers was born in Boston, MA.

Matt-age 3

So this day is always special to me no matter where I am.  Before the day was over we made contact before Dana and his friends went out to celebrate.

Because we are leaving tomorrow, grocery shopping was a priority.  David and Alison took us on an excursion to Cosco.  Of course most items are packaged in bulk, but we managed to find some cheese and other goodies to eat along the way.

I did find time to snap a few photos of David and Alison’s home.

Outdoor Shower

Eagle at Hudson Hacienda

Gate-Hudson Hacienda

As the sun was shining its last rays on the Sandia Mountains, David, Alison, Polly and I drove up the home of Bill and Alice Willis.  It is perched in the foothills of the mountains.  I have known Bill (from Swainsboro) since 1963 when he came to Metter to work in the tobacco market.  We lost contact after our college years.  When Bill and I went to Santa Fe in 2004 I managed to locate him in Albuquerque.  Since that time we have stayed in touch when he and Alice have come to Georgia or I have been in New Mexico.  We were treated to dinner and a spectacular view of the mountains and of the sunset over Albuquerque.  Bill and Alice, thank you for a memorable evening.

Entrance to Willis Home

Scene from Willis home

Scene from Willis home

Sunset Through A Window

Nancy, Bill, Polly

Bill and Alice

October 10, 2012

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