Crossing Three State Lines

Florida Caverns

The day started pleasantly enough with birds singing outside our tent, a typical camp breakfast,

Camp Breakfast

and a walk in the woods to the camp “swimming hole”.  The “swimming hole” needed a bit of pool maintenance according to Polly.  Actually it was almost covered in moss and green algae.  To add insult to injury, on the way back to the tent some sort of critter didn’t like where I put my foot and left me with a terrific sting.  Nurse Jane prescribed Benadryl gel and Motrin.  Now all is well.

More flashbacks of the 2007 Cross-country trip popped up as we crossed the bay into Pensacola.   The Quality Inn and Dairy Queen where we spent a night and enjoyed blizzards sat just to the left of the bridge.  It’s a wonder that those memories are still so vivid five+ years later.   The A4 Skyhawk perched atop a pole in a rest area

A4 Skyhawk

inspired us to make a side trip to the National Naval Aviation Museum.  Maybe the push came because our father was stationed at the naval base here in the 1940’s.

Polly at Naval Aviation Museum

The base is also home to the Blue Angels.

Leaving Pensacola, we decided to make a run for St. Francisville before stopping for the night.  As luck would have it, the brand new Best Western there had a room.  Knowing we had a place to lay our heads made driving in a rainstorm and stopping at a gigantic Wal-Mart for supplies a bit more palatable.  And, we crossed three state lines, Florida, Alabama and Louisiana.  We finally fell into bed around 10:30 PM.  Gotta catch up on the magaritas.

Into Louisiana

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