How Do We Get Out of Albany?

Well, we didn’t exactly get out of town at 8:30, more like 10:00.  But, then what was the real hurry?  Grace (the name of my GPS navigation system in the Explorer) tried to keep us on track, but the paper map prevailed, until we hit Albany.  The dead end at the Marine Corps Logistics gate was a clue that we might need to trust Grace a bit more.  But, no, we continued to be hardheaded, until we concluded that she really did know of what she spoke and found our way out of  town.  We stopped at a boat ramp just out of Cordele (on Hwy 300) at Lake Blackshear for lunch.  Perhaps the highlight of the drive was the Lake Seminole Dam, where the Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers become the Apalachicola River near the town of Chattahoochee, FL and the picturesque remnants of the old bridge crossing the river.  I had flashbacks of my 2007 WT cross-country bicycle ride as we entered Marianna, and I saw the hotel where we stayed (sadly closed now).  I remembered that my cousin Kay and her husband Don had dinner with us that night.  We camped at Florida Caverns State Park.  And, in true Womantours tradition, we celebrated crossing a state line with margaritas.  Thanks to my friend Eleanor, our friend Jose Cuervo did not disappoint.

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1 Response to How Do We Get Out of Albany?

  1. Nancy says:

    Hey, you two. Glad to see you made it out of Albany and celebrated with Jose. Safe travels. Looking for more news as you go.

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